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Digital Video/Photo Processing
 and Computer Programming.


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Music Instruments: Samplers / Sound Modules / Synthesizers

Alesis® QSR 64 Voice Expandable Synthesizer Module
NanoPiano 64 Voice Stereo Piano Module
Audio Simulation® DreamStation Virtual Synthesizer
Cakewalk by Roland® Cyclone Virtual Groove Tools Synthesizer
Dimension Pro Virtual Sampling Synthesizer
DropZone Virtual Sampler Synthesizer
DS864 Virtual Sampling Synthesizer
Kinetic 2 Virtual Synthesizer/Beat/Groove Workstation
nPULSE Virtual Modular Analog Drum Synthesizer
Project 5 Virtual Groove Synthesizer Workstation
PSYN II Virtual Analog Synthesizer
Rapture Virtual Wavetable Synthesizer
RXP REX REX Player / Groove Box Synthesizer
Session Drummer 2 Virtual Percussion Synthesizer
TTS-1 GM2 Virtual GM2 Synthesizer
Velocity Drum Sampler Virtual Drum Sampler
Cakewalk by Roland®/rcg:audio® Pentagon I Virtual Analog / Performance Synthesizer
sfz SoundFont Player
Triangle I Virtual Synthesizer
Triangle II Virtual Synthesizer
Z3TA+ Virtual Waveshaping Synthesizer
Digital Sound Factory® Dimension Pro Expansion Pack Volume 1 - Expansion Pack
E-MU® Systems Proteus Pack: Sound Libraries:
E-MU® Mo'Phat Hip Hop & Urban Synthesizer
E-MU® Planet Earth World Sounds Synthesizer
E-MU® Proteus 2000 Multi Purpose Synthesizer
E-MU® PX-7 Drums & Percussion Synthesizer
E-MU® Virtuoso 2000 Orchestral Synthesizer
E-MU® Xtreme Lead 1 Dance & Electronica Synth
E-MU® 10K1 64 Voice Multi-Timbral Synth, 8 Megs RAM
Garritan® Pocket Orchestra Orchestral Instrument Samples
IK Multimedia® Miroslav Philharmonik Virtual Orchestra and Choir Workstation
Sample Moog Software Synth Workstation
SampleTank 2 XL Virtual Sampler Software Workstation
Sample Tron Software Synth Workstation
Sonik Synth 2 Software Synth Workstation
Korg® T1 88 Key Music Workstation, 16 voice synth
Native Instruments® Battery 3 Virtual Percussion Synthesizer Workstation
Guitar Rig Pro 4 Virtual Instrument / Sampler Workstation
Kontakt 2 Virtual Instrument / Sampler Workstation
Kontakt 3 Virtual Instrument / Sampler Workstation
Kontakt 4 Virtual Instrument / Sampler Workstation
Absynth 4 Virtual Instrument / Synth Workstation
Absynth 5 Virtual Instrument / Synth Workstation
FM8 Virtual Instrument / Synth Workstation
Maschine Groove Production Studio / Synth Workstation
Massive Virtual Instrument / Synth Workstation
Pro 53 Virtual Instrument / Synth Workstation
Reaktor 5 Virtual Instrument / Synth Workstation
Roland® BOSS DR-670 Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine: 20 voice/256 Drum/16 Bass
GrooveSynth Virtual Synthesizer
MT32 32 Voice Mufti-Timbral Sound Module
Super JV-1080 64 Voice Synth Module, 4X Expansion
SC 50 GS Sound Canvas Module, 28 voice
TTS-1 GM2 Virtual GM2 Synthesizer
Virtual Sound Canvas Virtual GM Synthesizer
Toontrack® EZdrummer Virtual Instrument / Drum Kit Synthesizer Plus 8 Expansions
Vir2 Instruments® VI.ONE Virtual Software Synth Workstation

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SFX: Sound Effects / Samples / Loops

SFX / Sound Effects
Various: < 25 GB SFX., <12K individual SFX. Custom-SFX available for projects Foley and Sound Effects from our own EFX Studio Sound Effects Library, M-Audio and Sony
Sampled Sounds /  Loops
Various: < 195 GB


Real sounds and real instrument samples from our own EFX Studio Sound Library, Big Fish Audio, Cakewalk, Garritan, IK Multimedia, M-Audio, Miroslav Vitous Symphonic Orchestra Samples, Native Instruments and Sony
Analog / Wave-Form Sounds
Thousands of synthesized instruments and sounds from Alesis, Cakewalk, IK Multimedia, Korg, Native Instruments and Roland
Virtually unlimited sounds and tweaks  through the shaping of synthesized presets, wave-forms and digital effects processing

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EFX: Effects Processors / Digital Effects Processing

Type: Digital Effects Processing
Various: Hundreds of software digital effect presets and user-defined processing
FX from Cakewalk, CyberLink, IK Multimedia,  iZotope, Kjaerhus Audio, Lexicon, Native Instruments, Nero, PG, Roland,  Sonitus:fx, Sony, and Voxengo
Alesis® MidiVerb 4 Dual Channel 18 bit, 48 kHz EFX Processor
Behringer® UltrafexPro EX3200 (2) Multiband Sound Enhancer / Exciter
DigiTech® TSR-24S Stereo, Dual Channel Digital EFX Processor
MV-5 Vocal Harmony Processor
TC-Helicon® VoiceLive 2 Vocal Processor

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Music / Audio Software

Cakewalk by Roland® Sonar Producer DAW / Digital Audio Workstation: Music Sequencing / Audio / Video Production
Cakewalk Pro Audio DAW / Digital Audio Workstation: Music Sequencing / Audio Production
Kinetic 2 Virtual Synthesizer / Beat / Groove Workstation
Project 5 Virtual Groove / Beat / Synthesizer Workstation
Sony Creative Software® Vegas Pro DVW / Digital Video Workstation: Digital Video / Audio Editing Software
CD Architect CD Red Book Authoring
DVD Architect DVD Authoring
Noise Reduction Digital Audio Restoration
Sound Forge Digital Audio Editing / Production
  Acid Pro Audio Loops / Sequencing Software
Steinberg® Clean! Digital Audio Editor / Restoration
Cubase LE Digital Music and Audio Sequencer
emagic® Audio Discovery Music Sequencing / Production
Sibelius® For Windows Music Notation
Neuratron® PhotoScore MIDI Music Scanning
PhotoScore Professional Music Scanning
G-Vox/Passport Designs® Encore Music Notation
SoundTrek® Jammer  Professional Music Sequencer / Performance

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MIDI Controllers / Keyboards / Interfaces

Alesis® MultiMix 8USB 8 Channel Analog Mixer / Audio Interface
Behringer® BCF2000 Total Recall USB/MIDI DAW Controller Desk
emagic® Audiowerk8 8 channel PCI-Recording Card
Unitor 8 Mk II 8 in/8 out MIDI controller, rack mount.
Korg® T1 88 Key Music Workstation, 16 voices
M-Audio® AXIOM 61 61 Key MIDI Controller Keyboard
Keystudio 25 25 Key MIDI Controller Keyboard
Delta 1010 LT 10 in/10 out MIDI Interface card
MOTU® MTP AV MIDI Timepiece 8X8 USB MIDI controller, Merger, Synchronizer

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Outboard Gear

Alesis® 3630 Compressor Dual Channel Compressor Limiter with Gate
Behringer® Ultra-Q Pro PEQ2200 (2) 5-Band Parametric Equalizer
Alesis® M-EQ 230 Dual 1/3 Octave 30 Band Equalizer

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Alesis® MultiMix 8USB 8 Channel Analog Mixer/Audio Interface with 100 SFX
Behringer® PNP3000 16 Channel Analog Powered Mixer with 100 SFX
Mackie® 1604VLZ 16 Channel Mic / Line Analog Mixer
Fostex® 280-Multitracker 8 Channel Analog mixer, 2X speed, 4-track cassette recorder

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Mics / Preamps & Monitors / Portable Recording / Portable Audio

Alesis® Monitor One Studio Reference Monitors
dbx® 286A Microphone Preamp / Processor
Edirol by Roland® R-09HR 24-bit / 96kHz Linear PCM/MP3 Portable Recorder
JBL® JRX 115 Portable Two-way Sound Reinforcement Loudspeakers
M-Audio® MicroTrack II 24-bit / 96kHz Linear PCM Portable Recorder
Octava MK319 Lg. Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
Peavey® PVR 2600 Power Amp
Sure® SM58 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
Sony® ECM-DS70P Mini Stereo Microphone
ECM-MS957 Stereo Microphone
Atus® ATR30 Unidirectional Vocal Microphone
Zoom® H2 Stereo/Four-Channel Portable USB Microphone/Recorder. Up to 24bit/96kHz

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Digital Photo / Video Processing

AVTool® AVT8710
Multi-Standard Time Base Corrector. Composite and Y/C, NTSC, SECAM
Canopus Media® Technologies® ADVC300 Advanced Digital Video Converter
Sony® Vegas Pro Digital Video/Audio Editing Software
DVD Architect DVD Authoring Software
Adobe® Photoshop Digital Photo Editing / Processing
Corel® Paint Shop Pro Photo Digital Photo Editing / Processing
Microsoft® Digital Image Pro Digital Photo Editing / Processing

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Decks: DAT / CD / Playback & Cassette

Sanyo® CP660 Compact Disc Player
Sony® DTC-ZE700 Digital Audio Tape Deck
  CDP-C30 5 Disk, Compact Disc Player
Tascam® 302 Double Cassette Deck with Dolby B, C, and HX Pro NR
Technics® RS-TR575 Dual stereo cassette with Dolby B, C NR
  M-234X Stereo cassette deck with Dolby B, C, and dbx NR
SA GX190 100 watt per channel amplifier/AV receiver
  SA GX650 AV rcvr/amplifier w/ Digital Delay Surround Sound

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Computers / Hardware

Intel® Core 2 Duo PC, 4GB DDR-SDRAM 1 TB HD space, networked*
Intel® Pentium 4 2.8 GHz PC, 1GB DDR-SDRAM 205 Gigs HD space, networked*
AMD® Athlon 1800 PC, 1 GB DDR-SDRAM 160 Gigs HD space, networked*
Intel® PIII 733 PC, 128 Megs 31 Gigs HD space, networked*
Intel® PIII 500 PC, 128 Megs 15 Gigs HD space, networked*
emagic® Audiowerk8 8 channel PCI-Recording Card
Unitor 8 Mk II 8 in/8 out MIDI controller, rack mount.
M-Audio® Delta 1010 LT 10 in/10 out MIDI Interface card
midiman® Winman 4x4/S MIDI Interface Card with SMPTE Sync 4 in/4out
MOTU® MTP AV MIDI Timepiece MIDI controller, rack mount.
Creative Labs® Sound Blaster X-Fi 24 bit/96 kHz. ASIO, Sound Card
  Sound Blaster Live! 512 MIDI Voice, 32 3D Audio Channel Sound Card

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Digital Audio Media

Sony® DTC-ZE700 Digital Audio Tape Deck
MDS-JE320 MD Recorder (Mini Disc)
Iomega® Zip Drive
Jazz Drive
100 MB Storage Media,
1 GB Storage Media

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